Everybody in Ireland has become an armchair economist

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Three economists walk into an Irish bar…

Almost every session of the festival the Financial Times attended was sold out, as Icelandic business experts and Korean Cambridge professors wrestled with questions like: should Ireland default on its debt?; can it quit the euro?;
“Everybody in Ireland has become an armchair economist,
more than one-third of all men under 24 are unemployed

The young people at Kilkenomics, many with postgraduate degrees, are all too familiar with the effects of the downturn.

want to run to the airport” to leave the country. “There’s almost no hope for work,” he said.
Bríd Nic Fhloinn, a 26-year-old with degrees in business and entrepreneurship, has spent the past year working for free for a media company as part of a government scheme. “It’s not what I’d envisaged after six years at college,” she said.

As Martin Lousteau, Argentina’s youngest-ever finance minister, told one audience: “It’s a very bad thing when economists start to be interesting.”

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