Budapest intensified the tone towards Brussels

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Budapest intensified the tone towards Brussels
Zwei ungarische Tageszeitungen trugen den Protest gegen das neue Mediengesetz auf ihre Titelseiten. (Bild: Reuters)Zoom

Two Hungarian daily newspapers carried the protest against the new media law on their front pages. (Photo: Reuters)

The dispute between the European Commission and Hungary to the new media law is getting worse. While the EU Commission does not exclude more sanctions against Budapest, the Hungarian government holds its ground and defended the controversial legislation.

The new media law is a genuinely European law: it contains not a single passage that is not in the legislation of one or even several European Member States can be found,” said the spokesman of Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a statement that in Brussels was distributed Tuesday on.
Including Italy, France and Sweden would regulate the work of various media sectors wide. „The option of fines amounting to several hundred thousand euros or withdrawal of license for repeated violations of laws are also found in the media laws of Germany, Finland and Poland,” it said.
Hungary is ready to exchange views, but protest against „political and ideological attacks” as they were previously managed. At the same time stressed the government that it did not intend to restrict the freedom of speech – freedom of the press would rather strengthened.
By contrast, the EU Commission doubts about the legality of the Hungarian Media Act and consider its compatibility with European law. Should it come as a guardian of the treaties to the conclusion that Hungary is contrary to EU law, they can take legal action against Hungary and turn the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which ultimately impose fines could.
After initial silence, the EU body now shows a hard line. A Commission spokesman on Tuesday ended not more sanctions, and said a process was for breach of EU treaties, regardless of the rotating EU presidency. Hungary was on 1 January the EU Presidency adopted.




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