Germania incurajeaza in secret restructurarea datoriei publice a Greciei

    • Greek Woes Fuel Fresh Fears

    • Europe’s debt crisis is coming to the boil once more.

    • Ratings company Standard & Poor’s Corp. cut the Greek government’s long-term credit rating to single-B from double-B-minus,

    • the risk is rising that Greece will push its bondholders to accept a delay in the repayment of its bonds.

    • Europe’s debt crisis has returned full-circle to where it seemed to have peaked almost a year ago, when the euro zone agreed to a €110 billion ($158 billion) bailout of Greece and the creation, together with the International Monetary Fund, of a €750 billion safety net for other struggling euro nations.

    • Portugal is currently negotiating the third such aid package, following Ireland’s bailout agreement last fall

    • The euro zone’s southern fringe could remain financially fragile "for decades," leading German economist Hans-Werner Sinn said Monday.

    • The official line that Greece has a liquidity and not a solvency problem is showing its cracks, putting into question the whole framework of financial support," BNP Paribas analysts said in a research note on Monday

    • Germany is quietly pushing for Greece to sit down with its bondholders and discuss a delay in the maturity dates of its bonds.

    • The recent rise in Spanish bond yields is especially worrying for Europe because the country, whose €1.1 trillion economy is far larger than Greece’s, is viewed as the key battlefield in Europe’s struggle to stabilize its currency union.

    • There is no consensus about a maturity extension, a move that Germany is quietly pushing but that others, including the European Central Bank, are resisting, these people say

    • Many economists have suggested for months that a full-blown restructuring of Greece’s debts is probably inevitable, given the country’s weak growth prospects.

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