Italia – urmatoarea victima a crizei datoriei suverane ?

    • Steering a course through contagion

    • Italy deserves credit for the steady course it has charted through the financial sector and sovereign debt crises of the past three years.

    • Domestic banks are in stronger shape than many competitors elsewhere in Europe.

    • even these successes do not grant Italy unlimited protection against contagion from more troubled eurozone states

    • The core problem is Europe’s inability to find a comprehensive solution to Greece’s debt emergency.

    • Spain and Belgium have not truly “decoupled” from the turmoil in Ireland and Portugal, and that Italy itself is more vulnerable than it admits.

    • With public debt forecast to hit 120 per cent of gross domestic product by the end of this year, Italy can ill afford sharp increases in its government bond yields.

    • Italy’s fiscal position may deteriorate as a result of sluggish economic growth and lower than anticipated tax receipts.

    • Reforms to boost competitiveness, productivity and labour market participation rates are essential.

    • Italy has demonstrated its ability since 2008 to pass unpopular austerity measures and control public spending.

    • Household debt, at less than 45 per cent of GDP, is below the eurozone average of 82 per cent.

    • But investors should have confidence that Italy can keep the storms afflicting other parts of the eurozone from its shores.

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