Walmart should fear its gender bias culture


  • Walmart should fear its gender bias culture
  • the judgment on behalf of the four dissenting judges, said that while there were questions about the validity of the suit as a class a
  • Walmart succeeded by squeezing costs out of every aspect of its business, from the real estate it developed to its trucking fleet to the wholesale prices it paid for toothpaste and the wages and benefits it paid to employees. These savings were turned into low prices for shoppers and profits for the company’s shareholders. If there is beauty in efficiency, then Walmart is the Sistine Chapel of business.
  • Walmart lobbied for years to create a flexible, low-cost labour environment, without the inconvenience of unions. Politicians gave it what it asked for. But when a company is allowed to rid itself of unions to grow more aggressively, it is expected to repay that trust by treating workers fairly.

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